Monday, September 29, 2008

Blast from the Past

While going through some old photos over the weekend I came across these and just had to share!

The first one is Craig & I our 1st year of dating--1989!!
(one of the few without me and my crooked glasses*sigh*)

We were at Disney with the youth group. Needless to say I had some chuckles thinking about all the crazy things that happened on the trip.
--almost hitting a bicyclist in Daytona in the church van(that woulda been some great news fodder!)
--Bobby Gillian getting in trouble by a security guard at MGM for climbing over the railing--him of all pp!
--me crying because I lost my favorite purse!(I still miss that thing!)


Here are a few of myself, Shalena, Leah, and Kevin while they were here visiting one summer.
--Darn I miss those Southern Cycle shirts! But not the *is that fleece??* outfits!

More to come......

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