Monday, February 28, 2011

Plain to Pretty : Ikea Billy Bookend Makeover

A few weeks ago I had my Ikea Initiation and I am working on my "want" list for the next time we go. :) One of the things I picked up was a Billy "B" Bookend. The one I got was a cream color and I am just a fan of cream as it simply does not work in our home so  I made a few changes.

Billy Bookend Makeover Tutorial

Spray Paint
Popsicle Stick

Paint letter in your color choice.

 Pick out Rub-ons to apply

Apply rub-ons in a scattered design

 Finished Product: Patterned and Pretty!

Do you shop at Ikea? What is your favorite purchase??

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Favorite Things Friday

My favorite things on Friday February 25th -- in Pictures

 So happy we live in the country. 
It's not every day that you see a little lost calf and stop to 
help get it back in the fence with a neighbor.

 The HandyMan  'nuff said!

The new ChickFilA Banana Pudding Milkshake - Seriously it is fantastic!
My LEAST Favorite thing of the day was the $3.75 Diesel 
-- not so fun when your running on empty :(

Thanks go to Lori over at ChicGeekDesigns - I was reading her Happy Things post this morning and loved the idea so much that I decided to do a version of it :)

What are your weekend plans?
I am planning on doing some cleaning tomorrow, then the livestock auction with The HandyMan and 2E's tomorrow night, hopefully some crafting w/ Heather @ TwentySomething  then visiting my Dad and SMom for some family time after Church on Sunday! 

No matter what you do this weekend -- be sure to take some time for Yourself: YOU DESERVE IT!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Book Leaves - A Tutorial

During these final(I hope) days of Winter I wanted something that would bring a little life into a room. While I love plants they always seem to meet an untimely death in our house so I need something that looks nice but is already DOA.
I decided since I have an abundance of twigs here up on the Mountain and I have a multitude of books laying around I figure why not put them all to good use.

Book Leaves: How-To

Twigs of various lengths
An old book

Cut out oval leaf shapes - I cut 3 different sizes.

 Apply small dab of glue to one end of a leaf

 Attach leaves to each end of the twigs.

 Put as many or as few as you would like.

Loving how this looks and can not wait to do lots more to put in a taller container!

Thanks to Heather @ twentysomething for letting me take some photos at her house :)

Now I am onto my next project which is a biggie and has some things are a whole new world for me. Needless to say I am nervous and excited at the same time!
What have you made this week?

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wanted: Reading Room / Library Ideas

I have decided that I need my own area in the house. I am going to call this space my New Reading Room. Disclaimer: It will not actually be a whole room but one end of our home office but I like how Reading Room sounds :)

 This new space will need 3 main things:
1. A colorful and comfy seating area
2. Lots of shelves for all my books
3. A floor lamp(or wall mounted swivel -- I am open)

I have been looking around for ideas and here are a few that caught my eye recently.

So pretty -loving the rug! [via Flickr]

Love the color coordinated shelves here, but that wouldn't work for me.
Two of these chairs would be lovely -- maybe in Red!

 I am not sure if I want two chairs or a nice comfy sofa with an ottoman to curl up on.


But I want color and I do love Orange...

or Green *swoon*
Have you seen any reading nooks or spaces lately and thought "Oh I need that space!" If so let me know! I will be posting photos of the SPACE soon and hopefully will have my Idea Board ready to go by then :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

18 Reasons

To my darling HandyMan,
I did not think it could be possible but my Love for you grows stronger each day. While it is true we were young when we married, God had a plan for us and I know we have only grown stronger together due to his plan. You are my True Love and I have been Blessed beyond measure to share my life with you.

I need to scan our wedding photos but the "then" photo was Prom 1992 -- 1 year prior to the Wedding

There are many many reasons that I LOVE you like I do but in honor of our 18th anniversary today I wanted to highlight a few of them. 

I LOVE you...
1. Because you love me despite my quirks(or maybe because of some)
2. Because you take good care of me.
3. For sharing your life with me.
4. For being a wonderful Dad to the 2E's
5. For always being able to make me smile and laugh.
6. For being the most adventurous person I know.
7. Because you make me feel good about myself.
8. For being a kind and generous husband, friend, and lover.
9. For the way you let me ramble about all sorts of things and you simply listen.
10. The way you hold my hand in the car, at the movies, where ever we are.
11. For always being true to your word.
12. For cheering me up when I'm all bummed out.
13. For always being there for me.
14. For the special things you do for me.
15. Because you believe in me and help me believe in myself.
16. The way we always sit right beside each other at a restaurant.
17. Because these past 18 years have not always been easy but I am glad we have lived them.
18. Because I simply DO!

I am so happy to celebrate this day with you and look forward to many more AnniversariesI LOVE YOU SO MUCH! :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Flip the Switch

This past weekend was the monthly Scott Antique Market in Atlanta and being the awesome friend that I am I decided to take Heather from TwentySomething as she had never been before. Even though it has changed over the years since I was there last we did get LOTS of inspiration ideas. I think we spent less than $10.00 ea during the whole visit but let me tell you  --- some of those vendors REALLY like their items(if you know what I mean)
We also decided to swing by Anthropologie on the way home because well - who doesn't love that store??

One thing that I kept seeing at both places was unusual lighting fixtures. Lighting is not something I generally notice but Beth from The Stories of A to Z recently posted about Basket Lighting so it seemed I was seeing it all over the place.

Here are some other items, besides Lights, that caught my eye.

1. I totally want this for my home office! :)
2. Not a real clock, but the size and color -- fabulous!!!
3. Vintage Paper Roll - Loved it!
4. Books -- the next DIY project with Heather!

1. Keys -- I adore Keys!
2. Awesome old Pharmacy Desk(still had the labels inside the vertical drawers)
3. Loved this postal desk 
4. These vines balls were cool -- I could so see hanging a light bulb inside one!

Needless to say it was a fun trip despite the crazy prices of things!

Heather was overcome with happiness.
She also had one of those "lightbulb" moments hahahaha

My fave Anthropologie finds of the day.

1. Love these chairs
2. I am doing this -- once I find a big enough basket haha
3. Teapot Lamp -- adorable!
4. Letter Graveyard -- I could hear them *silently* screaming Buy Me Buy Me!
Can't wait to see what the next H and R Adventure holds!