Saturday, August 20, 2011

Scott Antique Market -- Visit #2

This past Sunday The HandyMan and I took a drive down to The Scott Antique Market.
We were able to wander around between the two buildings and while there were more than a few vendors who left earlier in the day we still had lots of awesome items to check out. I wish I had had some extra cash on me as I found some pieces I would have LOVED to have brought home with us.

Keeping scrolling to see some of the things I want ;)

1. I could totally use this as shoe storage.
2. I think this would be AWESOME painted and hanging over a bed!
3. I want one of these to use as wood storage in the winter.

1. I am in luuv with this huge storage piece.
2. These chairs were only $25 and I hope they are there next month cause I will have some cashola with me!
3. This sign was so cool - would love it in the yard.

1. This E would be perfect in the rooms of both kids.
2. I just liked these industrial lamps :)
3. But this lamp rocked my world -- at $450 it was a few lightyears out of my range.

1.I want to put my bed inside this green house -- seriously!!
2. This bed actually scares me for some reason - I think it would make me claustrophobic.

1. This Brady Bunch sofa was TDF plus it had one that matched it to make a corner unit :)
2. I have no use for these cars but I thought they were adorable.

And for the final Pièce de résistance 

Look who I ran into -- Beyonce's brother  John Paul McClucken!! He was all "buy me and take me home Woman. I will so fit in the back of your truck!!" but I was all "I err left my wallet at home today but maybe I will see you again next trip ~~ SORRY!" He forgave me but was still kinda pouty about as I walked away. :/

Overall it was a great trip and I will Never go again without having some extra cash in my pocket!!
Happy Saturday :) :)

PS: If you did not click on Beyonce above then you need to click right --> here -- trust me on this!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday Share -- Flower Tree

I came across something that totally made my day the other evening. I was driving along and noticed some dainty orange flowers growing in the crook of a tree. They looked so pretty and out of the ordinary that I simply had to snap a few photos to share one with you today.

What have you seen that it out of the ordinary lately?

On another note: I am taking TheHandyMan down to The Scott Antique Market tomorrow and I am soooo excited!! I can't wait to see what goodies and oddities are there this month.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Inside S'Mores

Do you like S'mores but not the mess or the bugs that generally go with camping outside this time of year?
If so I have just the thing for you -- Inside S'Mores. Oh My Heavens are these babies delicious and sooo simple it is crazy!

What you need:
Milk Chocolate Chips
Mini Marshmallows
Crescent Rolls in a Tube

Roll Marshmallows and Chocolate Chips inside Crescent Rolls
*Tip put as MUCH as you can. Don't skimp on the goodies -- trust me on this.

Bake according to directions.
- About 11 mins at 395 degrees


It doesn't get much easier than this for a fun quick snack.
Makes me want to go camping..once it is cooler that is :)

Anyone else is ready for fall?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Brand New World

Last Sunday while I was out TheHandyMan did a total overhaul on Ms.Em's room. If I was brave I would show you the before photos but I will go ahead let you know that I would have to become a hermit if I showed those so just imagine a pre-teens room with lots of STUFF everywhere. TheHandyMan took it all out, Em sorted through the mountains and only kept what she would actually wear and fit(this was an issue for some reason *eye roll*)

Once everything was cleaned out he surprised her with a new bed!! I admit I was as happy as she was. Why would this be a such a surprise you may be thinking??  Last year we upgraded to a king bed so Em changed her twin to our queen and since then it has been on the box-springs without an actual bed, just the mattress and box-springs. Also, If you have ever heard the story of the cobbler's kids not having new shoes then let me tell you that this happens with all kinds of crafters including furniture builders.

Here is an example photo of her new bed(this is not her room) 

She is loving it but says that she needs some steps because it is so high.

Now I am on the lookout for some great decor pieces and bedding. Since we live in a cabin with wood walls, floors and ceilings I want to add some fab colors to her room. Here are some ideas I have come across on my fave site Pinterest lately.

Loving these colors!

Something similar will be somewhere in her room for sure!

Not sure about yellow but I definitely want to paint her dresser a bright color.

Yes I think even a teen will like this haah maybe over her desk?

Love a vintage dress form!!

Yes please for great necklace and scarf storage!

 So there are a few ideas Em and I have talked about. Of course it may end up being something totally different knowing her. I will keep you posted!