Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Brand New World

Last Sunday while I was out TheHandyMan did a total overhaul on Ms.Em's room. If I was brave I would show you the before photos but I will go ahead let you know that I would have to become a hermit if I showed those so just imagine a pre-teens room with lots of STUFF everywhere. TheHandyMan took it all out, Em sorted through the mountains and only kept what she would actually wear and fit(this was an issue for some reason *eye roll*)

Once everything was cleaned out he surprised her with a new bed!! I admit I was as happy as she was. Why would this be a such a surprise you may be thinking??  Last year we upgraded to a king bed so Em changed her twin to our queen and since then it has been on the box-springs without an actual bed, just the mattress and box-springs. Also, If you have ever heard the story of the cobbler's kids not having new shoes then let me tell you that this happens with all kinds of crafters including furniture builders.

Here is an example photo of her new bed(this is not her room) 

She is loving it but says that she needs some steps because it is so high.

Now I am on the lookout for some great decor pieces and bedding. Since we live in a cabin with wood walls, floors and ceilings I want to add some fab colors to her room. Here are some ideas I have come across on my fave site Pinterest lately.

Loving these colors!

Something similar will be somewhere in her room for sure!

Not sure about yellow but I definitely want to paint her dresser a bright color.

Yes I think even a teen will like this haah maybe over her desk?

Love a vintage dress form!!

Yes please for great necklace and scarf storage!

 So there are a few ideas Em and I have talked about. Of course it may end up being something totally different knowing her. I will keep you posted!

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