Saturday, August 20, 2011

Scott Antique Market -- Visit #2

This past Sunday The HandyMan and I took a drive down to The Scott Antique Market.
We were able to wander around between the two buildings and while there were more than a few vendors who left earlier in the day we still had lots of awesome items to check out. I wish I had had some extra cash on me as I found some pieces I would have LOVED to have brought home with us.

Keeping scrolling to see some of the things I want ;)

1. I could totally use this as shoe storage.
2. I think this would be AWESOME painted and hanging over a bed!
3. I want one of these to use as wood storage in the winter.

1. I am in luuv with this huge storage piece.
2. These chairs were only $25 and I hope they are there next month cause I will have some cashola with me!
3. This sign was so cool - would love it in the yard.

1. This E would be perfect in the rooms of both kids.
2. I just liked these industrial lamps :)
3. But this lamp rocked my world -- at $450 it was a few lightyears out of my range.

1.I want to put my bed inside this green house -- seriously!!
2. This bed actually scares me for some reason - I think it would make me claustrophobic.

1. This Brady Bunch sofa was TDF plus it had one that matched it to make a corner unit :)
2. I have no use for these cars but I thought they were adorable.

And for the final Pièce de résistance 

Look who I ran into -- Beyonce's brother  John Paul McClucken!! He was all "buy me and take me home Woman. I will so fit in the back of your truck!!" but I was all "I err left my wallet at home today but maybe I will see you again next trip ~~ SORRY!" He forgave me but was still kinda pouty about as I walked away. :/

Overall it was a great trip and I will Never go again without having some extra cash in my pocket!!
Happy Saturday :) :)

PS: If you did not click on Beyonce above then you need to click right --> here -- trust me on this!!

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