Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wanted: Reading Room / Library Ideas

I have decided that I need my own area in the house. I am going to call this space my New Reading Room. Disclaimer: It will not actually be a whole room but one end of our home office but I like how Reading Room sounds :)

 This new space will need 3 main things:
1. A colorful and comfy seating area
2. Lots of shelves for all my books
3. A floor lamp(or wall mounted swivel -- I am open)

I have been looking around for ideas and here are a few that caught my eye recently.

So pretty -loving the rug! [via Flickr]

Love the color coordinated shelves here, but that wouldn't work for me.
Two of these chairs would be lovely -- maybe in Red!

 I am not sure if I want two chairs or a nice comfy sofa with an ottoman to curl up on.


But I want color and I do love Orange...

or Green *swoon*
Have you seen any reading nooks or spaces lately and thought "Oh I need that space!" If so let me know! I will be posting photos of the SPACE soon and hopefully will have my Idea Board ready to go by then :)


  1. I love the inspiration photo labeled "lovely" the most! Thanks to you and BMF, I already have the awesome bookshelves and just need some comfy seating in there that can convert to something a guest could sleep on...I have seen some chairs that pull out into a twin bed!

  2. YAY! I'm so happy to see this post! I love the color coded one. And I totally want a library too! Give me a leather tufted chair, floor to ceiling books and a rolling ladder and I AM SOLD! <3

  3. Good morning!! Im a part of the Circle of Bliss and wanted to stop by to introduce myself. Im really looking forward to following your blog :0) Friended ya on Twitter too!

  4. highly recommend a daybed or comfy sofa!

  5. I am so wanting a library, or a reading area, but I have no idea where I would even put it.


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