Friday, February 11, 2011

Found Schmound

Is it just me or do you get irritated when you see a major catalog that claims to have "found" items for sale?
I am sorry if I am alone in this but when searching for true "found" objects it is hard to believe that one can find enough of said object that they can offer them in a catalog that is sent out to millions homes and into billions of online accounts each month. To me "Found" objects tend to be very rare and unique, not some mass-produced knock-off(not to be confused with the knock-offs we attempt to do - ours are awesome:)

Take Pottery Barn for instance. They have recently been offering "found" items in their catalogs/online.
Does it seem like that whenever items are 'In" and "hot" that the PB Team miraculously "finds" all the exact same goodies??

First Up -- Found Pharmacy Bottles

PB Price: $69.00 – $149.00 WHATTT??
Similar bottles can be purchased at various stores for much less and the labels look like they are from the fab site of  The Graphics Fairy.  Also if you do want REAL AUTHENTIC bottles you can find those at much better prices at flea markets and thrift stores.

Next: "Vintage" Grain Sack Table Runner

PB Price: $79.00 :/
Ikea has some similar that they do not pass off as "found" for $5.99
You can also find real ones generally around $10-$20  if you look for them -- plus they will be unique not all the same.

Next: Wood Dough Bowls

PB Price: $199.00 – $249.00 *seriously*?
I know these are a super hot commodity these days but  I have seen these real beauties in various places for between $30 - $75(depending on locality) 

Last One: "Antique" Pickling Jar

PB Price: $139.00 – $179.00*speechless*
They must have found the mother-lode of all pickling places to be able to offer these babies.
I was at Wal-mart today and noticed they have a new collection of awesome jars and such. All sizes and shapes. Priced anywhere from $10.00 - $25.00 Grab you one of those and Google "How to make glass look old" and you can DIY at a fraction of the cost!! 

I know there are some people out there without the time or willpower to look for the Real Found Objects so they simply plop down the credit card and get the fakes from PB or similar places. I feel sad for these type of people because they do not get to experience the thrill of the chase, the treasure hunting, the Thriftiquing, or the camaraderie that goes along with the search for that One piece(or two) that you can't live without.

Thankfully I am lucky enough to live near someone who likes the search as much as I do. If you recall Heather from {twenty}something introduced me to Ikea for the first time this past Sunday. Welllll-- tomorrow afternoon I am introducing her to The Scott Antique Market. Tomorrow will be see real "FOUND" objects- no worries I will have my camera to document the finds. I may be loaded up on cough medicine but I am deteremined to go -- plus we are swinging by Ikea again so that is an extra plus! 

What is one of your pet peeves? Also what are your fabulous weekend plans??


  1. Oh my I HEART this post! I love that you put it all right out there. AND...I am thrilled you gave me some great places online to "hunt" for my own found items. Oh please oh please let me know if you ever stumble on a dough bowl. I am smitten with these. Oh..and how I wish I could go with you and Heather to the antique market....I am so JEALOUS. Have fun...and eye spy me a dough bowl. :)


  2. Totally agree with this post. I have never made a single purchase from Pottery Barn even though I drool over their catalogs.

    A few years ago I found a 4x4 tin ceiling tile wall hanging thing in an antique store in Blue Ridge, GA that cost a fraction of the one that I had been coveting for years in the Ballard Designs catalog. It's been hanging in my house ever since, and it's still one of my favorite pieces. In my opinion, the Pottery Barns and Ballard Designs of the world are the ones who are the knock-offs.

  3. it is crazy right! I can't pay those prices.
    Hey my newbie linky party is going on again..come join in on the fun!

  4. great post! and welcome to the circle! got ya added into mine! :)
    happy Valentines!

  5. You are SO. Right. ON. Seriously... I always make my {poor} husband look at catalogs and pretend to be amazed at how much they are charging for ridiculous things. ...and the "old" glass? really? glass? Have people never walked into a thrift store? ever? really?

    ...the ones that get me are in Restoration hardware...they have these amazing wings off jets and such that are "found". ...and I thought they really were found and then I way...those are not found...they totally had those manufactured in France or something...not found in France...anyway...

  6. Dude! Totally agree! It is stupid how they claim to have "found" all those items and that they were able to find so many. Makes me think of the friends episode where Rachel lies about the apothecary table(Please know what I'm talking about)Ha! Hilarious.


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