Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Perk it Up! Vanity Redo

Project E.M.M.A.: Round 2

1 Free Vanity
1 Teen Age Daughter who detested the beige and gold finish. 
2 Cans of Purple Paint
1 Bottle of Lime Paint

= 1 Fabulous Purple Vanity!!


In my on going mission to make Emma's room more colorful this vanity was our latest change.
I received it for free awhile back and the beige & gold finish was just not doing it for her. 

She took her own sweet time deciding on what colors she wanted to use but finally settled on Purple and Lime. We grabbed the paint, lightly sanded the piece, and started spraying.

Em seems to be happy with the results so far! 

We still have the chair to paint in Lime and we are going to pick out the material for the seat.
After that we are on to picking out fabric for her new quilt!! 

What have you painted to "make new" lately? Did you make it colorful or did you tone down the color?
I would love to see your projects!!


  1. I painted a dresser a aqua blue color. It also got a little wood working done on it to make it more like a kitchen piece then a dresser. It's fun making old stuff new.

  2. This looks great! Just curious, because I am working on an exact same style dresser for my daughter and I just went to remove the handles and noticed there are no screws in the back! Were you able to remove yours or did you just tape around them? I'm just wondering if it's normal on these types or if it's just mine! Thanks!

    1. Hi Lindsay :)

      We just popped the handles and scrolls off with a flat tool(no idea what it is called) that The Handyman had in the shop. Then we screwed the back from the inside.

      I would love to see the dresser when you are all finished :) :)


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