Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Are you part of the Crowd?

I don't know about you but Crowds tends to creep me out. Don't get me wrong I am a people person but a large crowd turns me into a major claustrophobic in the blink of an eye. Even reading the word Crowd makes me shiver -- maybe my subconscious mind has issues too I think :)

Not Me is there haahah

This post is actually not about those type of crowds(thank heavens!!) I want to know if you guys and gals are part of the CrowdTap crowd?

CrowdTap is the best way to be connected with major brands to give them your ideas and opinions on their products! Why would you do this? Because you can earn cash and prizes! FREE!!! Old Navy sends out FREE clothes and that is just one of the fantastic companies that want your opinion. We all know you have one so why not put it good use??

Plus ~ CrowdTap automatically gives 5% of everything you earn to the charity of your choice! Helloooo it is a Win Win Situation for sure!
It only takes 30 seconds to sign up and you can be on your way to winning cool stuff like I am!

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