Thursday, December 6, 2012

A visit with Willly Wonka

Who doesn't love Chocolate?? I know the movie was really about Mr. Wonka but oh heavens the chocolate river was my favorite part. I just wanted to jump in and go swimming. Seriously I did!

The other evening we noticed a sign on the Square that said "Willie Wonka Tour" and we were all like  

Tonight we met up with the Wallace's and got to take out tour of the Chocolate Factory!!

Ok, ok, while it may not have been with the eccentric guy in the purple coat and top hat we did get a fabulous tour of Paul Thomas Chocolates. We also got to sample a few of their yummy creations!

Emma and Mark got to learn how the Chocolate Pretzels are made.
(I thought we needed a smaller version at the house but was vetoed)

I really wanted to sample the beauties below but alas they were not offered :( :(

It was a fun, FREE, evening and if you are ever in Dahlonega and see the sign for the Willie Wonka Tour I suggest that you sign up right away!

Have you experienced anything new in your own town/city lately? If so, I would love to hear about it!

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