Wednesday, July 9, 2008

1/2 Way Over & a Sad Heart

It seems sad when I think that there is only 4 more weeks before school starts again. It seems the Summer has already flown by when it seems like yesterday the kids were celebrating their last day of school.

Now Eli will be starting Middle School and Emma will be a 4th Grader! I think I am as nervous about MS as Eli is haha I know he will probably love it and he is going to meet so many new friends too! Emma is all ready for the 1st day already. She got a hair cut last night and is already discussing her clothes with her BFF Bailey (man oh man it starts early nowadays!!)


It is with sad hearts that we said an unexpected goodbye to Papa George over the weekend.
I honestly had no idea that when I met the man with the "funny fingernail and who actually called someone by a cuss-word(Dad's nickname back then!)" 25 years ago that he would become such a big part of my life. He and Nana have shown me that you didn't have to be blood-related to be "True Relatives". Despite not wanting to sit by him in the truck *that dreaded mule still makes my leg shake* and always getting lots of "self-preserver" jokes he was one of the best Grandpa's a girl could ever hope for. He taught me all sorts of things about goats(of all things) and always got tickled when I wanted to be the one to catch them when they were sold. When I got married and lived behind him & Nana, he would always do a little jig at me when I went in or out of the driveway(and never failed to make me smile!) I am so proud that my own kids love him as much I do --He always made Eli & Emma laugh and they loved hanging out with him! --We love you Pop George and will miss you so much!!

Here are a few of my favorite photos of Pop and the kids.*to be added soon*

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