Friday, November 7, 2008

Friends, Fun, and Flying Corn

We recently enjoyed an evening out at the local corn maze with the Cain and Caudell Families. This was our 1st time experiencing a corn maze in the dark and it was great! It is something we will be doing each year now.

Hayden and Kyler were gung-ho running in the dark. They didn't seem to care that all they could see was cornstalks and knee-caps! Courtney and Erica got their workouts in chasing after them! BTW--did you know that if you ask perfect strangers if they know where the parents of the cute little kids standing near you are that they look at you with funny looks?

CJ being a "Scarecrow"

Eli, Emma, and Hunter trying to lead the way!

The only downside was the flying corn that was being tossed by unruly teenagers that is! Erica got hit in the hand and Emma got pegged right smack on the head! Lucky there was no bleeding involved, just some bruising and Em had a terrible headache the rest of the evening. I was proud because both my kids commented later (grain of salt here) that they just couldn't see why some parents let their children run around and do things that that!! (Yea so I only really included that comment here so that I can have a record of it)

Afterwards we had Emma's fave thing--Boiled Peanuts!

Then we headed by to the Cain's to roast some marshmallows. Did you know they bubbled up like this when left by the edge of the fire? --Me neither, but then again I prefer not to waste a good roasted marshmallow!

*I love this photo of Craig & Emma*


  1. Ok - so i totally just commented in the wrong place. we did not have a blast at the fire - we, in fact, enjoyed the corn maze!

  2. haha I thought wow she enjoyed that fire way more than I did!! :)
    that's why I love you so much!!


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