Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My New Toy

Yea so I am pretty much behind-the-times in regards to cell phones versus a blackberry but due to the fact that the School Bus ran over my old cell phone a few weeks ago I decided it was time for an upgrade anyway!

While I waited for my "upgrade" date to arrive(which luckily was only about 2 weeks since the tragedy) I looked around at what was available these days. My fave was the the Blackberry Curve because I wanted something that I could use to check the biz email on if I wasn't at my desk and it seemed to fit the bill --plus it has all kinds of bells & whistles!

When we got to the Verizon store we noticed that the Curve was on sale so we(I) was like YAY! Then the salesman said they had 2 different rebates for it- 1 from Verizon and 1 from Blackberry. Once the rebates were figured in with the sale price we will actually be getting money BACK! Who doesn't LOVE being paid to get a new phone? Seems we went phone shopping on an excellent day!

Now I don't have to worry that we may miss a biz email when we go to town or to see a customer! That in itself makes the past 2 weeks on a lovely loaner(Thanks Erica!! and I promise your number is in the new toy now!!) worth it!--Plus the giggle ring tone was a hoot!

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