Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve - Family Fun and a New Tradition


Christmas Eve at the Boling's brought lots of fun, laughter, and a new tradition.

While opening presents Abram kept counting his, then walking over and getting presents from everyone else's pile, taking them back to his pile and recounting. He would get so excited as his pile got bigger!

Present Time --- Eli opening one of his Star Wars Lego sets. (Have you ever seen how many pieces those boxes have ?!?!), Emma getting a look at her new camera, and Abram tearing into his train set.

Fountain of Chocolate ~~~ Charity brought her Chocolate Fountain and you would have thought that it was the best present all evening! Everyone wanted in on the fun. Abram wanted me to snap a pic of his chocolate covered cake, but his face offered a better photo! The fountain was a hit & it is something that we will have each year!

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  1. Wonderful Christmas pics!!
    What great memories and a beautiful family you have!!


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