Monday, February 4, 2008

February Already!

I simply can not believe it is already FEBRUARY--The month of Love!

We have a few things going on this month. We are branching out and getting a booth at Lakewood 400 the weekend of the 15th. This is exciting yet a tad scary for me as I hope that the 3 days I am there are worth the time and energy it is taking us to get items ready. We normally do not make items ahead of time to sell as most are custom-made but this time I will need all sorts of items to take with me to sell as well as giving out cards and info! Keep your fingers crossed for us! :)

I also just sent in an ad to Southern Living Mag!! It has been my fave magazine for years(well if you don'tcount Cosmo!) and just mailing the ad for our company to them gaveme chills! It is definatly a HUGE Step for us!!


Our 15th Wedding Anniversary is the 20th!! 15 years!! I am still in shock at times I think haah However (gonna get sappy here for a minute) I have to admit I am more in love with Craig now than ever! I mean sure I loved him when we got married, but we were so young then and I love the fact that we have grown so much since that day back in 1993. We have grown as a couple, as a family and as indiviuals. I still miss him when he is gone and I still get that little fluttery feeling when I look at an incoming call and it is him! He is truely the Love of my Life and I count my blessings each day for him!

I found some old photos the other day of when we were dating...I will share them as soon as scan them. The kids still can't stop laughing!!


We got the kids Valentine lists and decided to try something different this year to give for treats....what is it?? Well check back the end of the week and I will have some photos! :) :)

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