Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Life as usual...

Not much going on around here lately....

Well, I guess one could say that. Especially if you leave out tax time, how much the business is growing, spring cleaning, that it is end-of-the-school-year so lets cram as much as possible in for the kids time, etc, etc. :)

Yes we have been busy and all the other stuff. However, it is a good busy time. We have been doing all sorts of biz stuff -- see here for more information on that!

We spent a few hours at the waterfall on Sunday afternoon just enjoying the beautiful day!

A few recaps of the day:
  • Emma fell in twice! (and the water is super cold)
  • The dogs had almost as much fun as the kids.
  • Eli had fun catching salamanders.(till Tank ran off with them)
  • The hike showed me just how bad I need to get in shape (duh)!
  • Everyone had a great time and it is something we will be doing lots more now that Spring is here!


  1. Hey stranger. How the heck are you? Hope you the family and business are doing well. Miss you over at

    Talk to you soon!


  2. Hey Reg!! Those pics are awesome... wish we had some good hiking spots around here. Not that I could really go for a hike at 8 months pregnant, but it's the thought that counts!

    Anyway, just wanted to say Hi... hope everything is going well with you :)


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