Tuesday, December 27, 2011

DIY Monthly Calendar

Do you remember dates/appointments well? If so please teach me how you so it!! I am the worst at writing down appointment dates and such so I decided that I needed something that was INMYFACE each morning to remind me. I only had one criteria for it - it needed to be pretty and reusable. I have never been a fan of standard plain old calendars so I made me something that I liked and that I would be able to change as needed.

To start off with I found a blank printable calender page on where else? - {Pinterest of course!} 
Love the vintage look!!(it is actually a lighter color, this photo turned out darker than it is)

Then I took am empty frame that I already had...

and simply added the printable into the frame.

Once the frame is put back together you can write the Month and Days on the outside of the glass which enables you to change them each month. 
Here is my December one. 

I used a permanent marker instead of a wipe-off one because it will not smear as bad and the permanent marker can be wiped off at the end of each month using glass cleaner. This calendar sits on the counter beside my fridge so I see it numerous times during the day. Hopefully it will keep me more on schedule :) :)

What kind of calendar is your favorite?
Tomorrow I am will be showcasing our Pinterest Christmas that we had at my Nana's and I am so excited so be sure to stop by and check it out!

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