Thursday, December 29, 2011

It was a very Pinterest Christmas

I have always been one to make Christmas presents for the family but this year the whole family decided to get into the crafting spirit thanks to a little help from Pinterest. It was neat to see what everyone and I believe that this was one of the best Christmas's ever as we all got to see how good it feels to give something that you make instead of something you simply go to a store a buy.

These first three were given to Em from her Aunts :)
It's your life, color it! - Crayon Melt and Scrabble Tile art
Magnetic Board with her Initial
 This pretty ornament was compliments of my Mom. :)
Loove the colors!
Painted Ornaments
 My contribution was photo blocks which I am so in love with! However doing 42 of those babies(yes I did them for everyone in all our families!) was a little much but well worth all the work!!
Photo Blocks

 Snowflake I made for my sci-fi loving Son!
Storm Trooper Snowflake
 One of our gifts from Nana - a painted Christmas Tree on canvas.

I received this from my sisters. I love it and can't wait to hang it in the office!
Burlap wreath with Initial on an antique window

I have to admit as awesome as each gift was and as proud I am of the family for what they did my favorite gift of the evening was the Aprons that Nana had made from my Papa George's button down shirts. Needless to say we were all surprised and emotional when we opened them! Each family member received one and my new nephew got a bib that matches his Mom's apron --LOVE!!

Here are the kiddos modeling the ones TheHandyMan and I received.
Memory Aprons from Papa Georges Shirts

We had a fantastic Christmas and I hope each of you did as well.
What was something unexpected you received this year?

I have some great things lined up for the New Year and can't wait to see what 2012 holds for everyone!

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  1. I got crafty this year as well! I made a hanging photo arrangement that hangs (3) 5x7 black frames by 1" black ribbon with a bow at the top, I placed wedding pics in it for my grandparents. I knitted my Mom a scarf and my sister a little pouch with her sorority colors and letters on it!!! I <3 Pinterest!


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