Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Music, Murderer, and Mart Time!

Today has been Music Day for me. My Zune has been having some technical difficulites and I finally figured them out & am back on track! DLing and Uploading with a vengenence. Gotta have my Tunes!!

I have been researching songs and WHEW it makes me feel old!! Did you know that Nirvana's "Smells like Teen Spirit" is #1 on more than 20 Top 100 Rock Song Lists??

I am pretty open when it comes to needless to say getting my Zune in some order is a hassle...Thank Heavens for the Shuffle Button hahaha


They found Meredith Emerson-the missing hiker. Ms.Emerson was such a beautiful young woman and I am sad that her life was ended so brutally. May her family have a little bit of piece now that they can lay her to rest.

They have her murderer in custody and he is a major nutcase!! A major scary part of this is a few months ago Craig was walking behind the house and came across a campsite. Well some of his dogs that were with him messed up the camp a little as there were cats/food around there. Come to find out..the camp belonged to the killer! Thank Heavens he wasnt there at the time!!!

All the kids have been talking about it at school as it all happened not far at all from our small town. They have been asking all types of questions but I am hoping that this will give them some sort of caution at wondering around in the woods. Kids have to be kids but there are bad people everywhere unfortunatly!

YAY--It's time for Mart!! We are headed to Atlanta on Friday to see what we can find at mart. I love Market times! We get lots of ideas and I always seem to find good deals on all sorts of items *angel*
We are going to be doing some scouting this trip because we are talking about getting a booth there in either July or next Jan. I guess we will see!!!


  1. Hi Reg!!!! Thanks for the love on my blog :) That's so scary that the hickers murderer was so close to you... Thank God they got him before he could hurt anyone else. Hope all is good with you!!

  2. OH your sooo lucky! I live in the biggest state and I never hear of anything like that mart thing! whats really going on! haha If ya find some retro shabby chic stuff think of me!! haha *winkwink*

  3. I've read your whole entry and still can't get it out of my head that a murderer was that close!!! That'll be a scary story to tell the kids about the woods for a long time. Mart sounds awesome! I want one of those here in Oz. I'm sending some hugs your way and hope you are doing okay ~Sarah~


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