Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year---time to Organize!!

Welp as usual it is the time of year that people(me included) attempt to make some changes. Due to past non-completions I am Not making any resolutions this year that involve weight! :) We all know I need to lose it and making some New Years Promise isnt really going to make me do lose faster, I just need to move more!

That being thing I am working on this New Year is to get better Organized! I read a book a few months ago titled "Organize your Mind to Organize Your Life" By Sandra Felton( It totally changed my outlook on cleaning and I am using tips from the book to organize every room in the house. My scrapspace is #1 on my list this month! I am going to get it in shape so that when I am scrapping I can actually scrap instead of spending all my time looking for something specific!

I am on the lookout for cool ways to store my pens/pencils/brushes--so lemme know if you find any haahah

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