Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Not Sure..

Ever had "one of those days?"

Well I have had a few of them lately!! It seems I have so much going on yet I feel as I get nothing accomplished. On top of that I am sick ggrrrr Makes one want to crawl back in the bed(I wish ahahha)

Anywho--as per my "Get Organized" Mantra this month I have been going through photos on my computer getting them in order..here are a few of my faves I have stumbled across(it's kinda like finding that sweet note stuck on a book that you received years ago from someone you love--makes you fall for them all over again!!)
The 2E's at the beach--all dressed up for Amanda and Corey's Wedding a few yrs ago.Little Miss Sassy!!

He was hiding from his cousin and I found him instead :)

I just love photos! Now if I could get them all in some type of order I will be doing good.

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  1. Reg! didnt know girl you had a blog!! You need to get in on the swaps with some of the girls I swap with on the blogs msg me on sb.com and ill tell ya about them! welcome to the blogland! its a addiction!



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