Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cupcakes - it's that simple

Our Ms. Emma has been very much under-the-weather all week with a horrible stomach bug. It has been all we can do to find something that she is able to eat/drink without getting sick. Last night after she was finally able to keep some pudding down I asked her what is something she wanted once she was all better.
Her response -- "Just a good Cupcake!"

After hearing that I could not stop thinking about cupcakes today! If you know me you know that once I have something on my mind it does not go away easily. I thought since I couldn't have a Cupcake today -- it would not be fair to Ms.Emma by any means now would it? - that I would find some pretty ones to hold me over until she and I can both have a yummy treat!

Behold the Yumminess!

via Google

Adore these curly cues!

via Martha Stewart
Caramel Apple Cupcakes: I totally have to find this recipe!

via Martha Stewart

So stinking cute - the "hair" is Cotton Candy = LOVE

via Cupcakes take the Cake
Sweet looking wrapper - I have lots of those flowers so I may try this sometime!

via Catching Fireflies
Owls - when are they not adorable?

via Google - numerous sources but not one specific
I thought this one was the perfect way to say --
Thank you for allowing me to indulge myself(and Emma).

Do you crave specific things when you are not feeling well? If so - what are they?

To my Darling Emma -- we will plan a Cupcake evening as soon as you are feeling better -- Love you babe!


  1. oh those are fab! hope Emma is feeling up to a cupcake soon!!

  2. Maybe we should get your Emma and my Thurgood together for a cupcake party. Those cupcakes are darling. :) And....they look so yummy. Why is it that I am addicted to sugar lately.

    I think when I can not eat due to a stomach bug but have to wait till all things get the all clear sign...I crave a cheeseburger. That is usually the yummy I want ASAP.


  3. Hi there!

    Love love love these images! I also LOVE cupcakes, they make me happy when I'm down so hopefully Emma can get one soon.

    Checking in from the circle of bliss!

  4. NOT. GOOD. for the DIET. You are tempting me big time!! :)


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