Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A tisket... a Tchotchke

Do you like a good Yard Sale?
I know I do!

What's even better than a yard sale??
One with FREE stuff that's what!!

Megan over at Beauty in the Attempt has come up with the fabulous idea of having a Yard Sale Blog Hop in which bloggers post up an item they no longer have need for and if another blogger sees it and *squeals* then it has found a new home -- for FREE!(I so love FREE stuff)

What in the heck is Tchotchke you may ask? Don't worry your pretty little head as I had to look it up too :)
Basically it is an item that you no longer have a need for. Since there is no longer a need for something, why not offer it to others as they may have the perfect spot for it in their home! WaaaHoooo it's a Win Win situation!

Today I am offering up this oh-so-adorable Pie and Cake Sale sign because for some reason I have one in my kitchen then found this one on one of my pantry shelves...weird.

This sign is roughly 17"L x 7.5"H and would bring a cool vintage feel to wherever you choose to display it. I will cover shipping so you don't have to worry about that either :)

So do you like it, love it, must have it? If so it can easily be on it's way to you shortly. :)
All you have to do is follow the super easy directions below:
{1} Become a follower of  TheNotSoModernFamily
{2}  Leave a comment about how you MUST have it
{3} On Tuesday, March 29th, I will give it to the one commenter or use a random generator(if there is more than one) to fairly give it away.

Plus -- you do not have to participate in the blog hop(as in give something away) in order to play but heavens to Betsy are you the only person in BlogLand without any extra goodies that someone else may like?(If so can you please give me tips on how to be like you??) ;) 

So check the Hop below to see the offerings thus far and if you want to play -- go ahead it's FREE!!


  1. Very cute and simple signage that would fit well in my kitchen...remodeling in black & cream. This is perfect!

  2. It's wonderful!!! I picked up the trail of the blog hop over at "My Repourposed Life" and your entry definitely caught my eye! New follower, crossin' my fingers, Jenn/Rook No. 17

  3. I love the sign! put my name in the hat!

    I've taken photos of my tcho,toch, "goodies" and I'll figure out how to load them. I don't have a blog but I've got fun things that need new homes.


  4. WHAT A SPECIAL SIGN! I love to bake & cook & craft ... it would look fantastic in our kitchen! I am your #60 follower. Please stop by and follow me too! #19 Anniehearts.
    Thanks xoxoxo


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