Thursday, March 17, 2011

Éirinn go brách!

Disclaimer: I am not Irish, I do not have any St. Patrick's Day decor in my house, I am not wearing green and I don't even like the color Green if I am being honest. While I do not celebrate St.Patrick's Day I do dream of going to Ireland one day(it's on my yet-to-be-written-down Bucket List) and so I thought I would let y'all take a peek of the place I dream of. -- I mean today is a major Irish Holiday in case you were not aware!

Behold the Beauty

Best Roof EVER!

Why yes ma'am, I would love to move in today and renovate for you(using your funds) ;)

I have my book and blanket ready to relax stream-side!

Leave me here among all the colors and history -- swing by on the way home and get me!


I do love old graveyards

Toss in a castle and it is even better!!

These photos and more can be viewed at Budget Travels 26 Stunning Photos of Ireland - I have to agree, they are stunning for sure!

While I was checking out the photos I also learned a few things that I didn't know about Ireland.
1. It Is an Offense to Be Drunk in Public (though rarely enforced as long as you are not bothering anyone LOL)
2. Only 2 Members of U2 Were Born in Ireland - Hey, they are still an Irish band to me *grin*
3. A Hospital in Belfast Is a World Leader in Kneecap Reconstruction -it seems "Shooting people in the kneecaps was a favored way for Republican and loyalist paramilitaries to control their own neighborhoods" -- OMH!!
4. More Guinness Is Sold in Nigeria Than in Ireland - This one makes me laugh for some weird reason.
- Hope these made you smile as they did me.

If you celebrate St. Patrick's Day I wish you a happy day filled with lots of Luck and Laughter(and green beer if that's your thing.) If you don't -- tomorrow is Friday so you can celebrate the weekend! :) :) :)

Is there a Holiday that it seems everyone you know celebrates but you just don't get it or really even care about it? I am curious!


  1. You know I feel the same about St. Patrick's Day. However I am part Irish (and Scottish and English and German and Italian, etc.), I am wearing a moss green T-shirt today (it was on the top of the stack), I completely forgot it was March 17th, I really do like green but only certain shades, and the Emerald Isle is definitely on my list of places to go! Lived in Europe as a child but we never made it across the channel or to France or Spain for that matter.

    We live in an area that has a large Catholic population who celebrate many holidays such as shrove Tuesday, ash wednesday, etc... that I just don't get. And Oktobre fest is another one... I mean if we were still in Germany I can understand but here in the states... not so such I get it aside for being an excuse to party. (and I'm definitely not the partying type, ha ha!)

    I LOVE the pictures you posted!! Thanks for the glimpse of all the beauty!!

  2. I hate Valentine's Day...yes, oddly enough...but I do love St. Patrick's Day and I don't even really celebrate it, but I AM Irish and of course married into it too! Go figure!

  3. oh roof EVER! What IS that??

    loving your list...the kneecap one is a bit scary...

    I love that you bought a black sink so you can dye things :) AWESOME! (said in really high junior high boy voice....)

  4. Reginia I love those pictures! My favorite is the colorful houses! awesome!
    hope all is well with you!


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