Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Don't Blame Me { Pinterest }

Do you have the distinction of being a Pinner? Do you know what a Pinner is?(NOT the illegal kind) A Pinner is someone who likes to share the lovelies they find on the www with everyone on Pinterest.

Ohhh you have never heard of Pinterest? OhMyHeavens are you ever in for a treat!

--- Pinterest is a social catalog service. Think of it as a virtual pinboard — a place where you can post collections of things you love, and "follow" collections created by people with great taste.

Dumb it down you say? Basically it is a site where you can "pin" photos of things you like that you find while online. Like if you have a thing for Modern Furniture, you can pin(save) the photos you like to your board. That way you have all the photos of items you like in one place--and not 100 bookmarks to go through when looking for something.(Not that I have that mind you)

Anywho -- let me share some oh my fave pins with you and that will give you an idea of wtheck I am talking about.

Are you ready for some Eye Candy?!?!?

So there you have a small sampling of some of my pins. Let me know if you would like to experience Pinterest as I have a few invites left to share. Heck if I am starting you on a new addiction - I might as well be official with it ;)

You can follow me on Pinterest ~~~> Here
I can't wait to see what Lovelies you find :) :)


  1. What's it called when you "pin" something on a post about Pinterest? haha... I totally just pinned boot vase and the yellow cabinet!! I think I found my color for the curtains in the kitchen!

  2. My absolute favorite is the yellow cupboard.

  3. My first pin was the letter wall! It will go perfectly in the old farmhouse we have in upstate NY. And I FINALLY got my account on Pinterest... it was crazy as I was on a waiting list for a while.

    I love the yellow cabinet even if I didn't pin it! :)

  4. I agree... such a fab creation! Love such a simple way to save the things I love. I'm visiting from Circle of Bliss... hope to meet you next year!

  5. they finally contacted me back! i was on a waiting list for two weeks!! :P

  6. Hey Reginia!

    You've been featured on my Garden party! :D Come grab your award badge from my sidebar!

    Thank you SO much for joining my party! I'd love for you to link up those gardening boots with the cherry blossoms sticking out in this weeks party! Hope you can join me again.


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