Friday, October 24, 2008

The Comanche Indians and a Volcano

It was School Project week around here this week!

Emma has been studying Indians and her project was on the Comanche Indians. After a few days of research she decided to do some tepee's. She drew various designs on each tepee and then glued them on a wood base that Craig made her. We were having a hard time figuring out the fire that she wanted her Indians dancing around so I cut of some scrap-flowers and(if I do say so myself) ended up with a good looking fire.

She was so proud of her project and she got a 113 on it! WooHoooo


Eli came home and announced he had a Volcano due in 2 days!! I pretty much flipped out at the short notice but that is actually all the time they had to do it in.(I am still not used to Middle School!!)

Thankfully Craig took over the lead on this project and came up with a great idea. Using Great Foam he and Eli made a neat Volcano and then painted it the different layers. It turned out great and Eli said everyone was impressed when he took it to school!

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