Friday, October 3, 2008

Small Town Crime

I admit.. I am a Crime Watch Junkie!!!

--As in the 1st thing I look at when I get our local paper is the Crime Watch notes.

Sometimes they are run-of-the-mill robberies, car theft, purse snatching, but other times they simply AMAZE me. Actually the notes themselves don't amaze is the fact that someone actually picked up the phone and called the Lumpkin County Sheriff's Office to file a complaint.

Below are a couple from the past few weeks that completely astound me and I just have to share the laugh(or shock) with others!


Disclaimer: The items posted below were listed in the Dahlonega Nugget over the past few weeks and are NOT my imagination.


An employee at the Humane Society said a dog disappeared from its kennel overnight. It is suspected that the dog may have climbed the fence and escaped.

A man on Highway 19 said someone stole his life-sized deer target. Only a broken antler remained on the scene.

A woman on Dawsonville Hwy said her sister was using witchcraft to control her thoughts and actions.

A woman in Achasta said she had a suspicious raccoon in her driveway.

A man on Fred Ash Rd said someone broke into his house and rearranged his sock drawer.


Gotta Love Small Town Living!!!

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