Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Good Ole Days...

I am still finding photos from the past but this post I am pretty sure are the "oldest" ones I have.

I am so tickled to have these and am going to frame them to hang.
Note: Shay and Daddy--I will have copies made for y'all! :)

I am naming the people to the best of my ability! Feel free to comment and let me know the ones I misname or miss!


The first one is Aunt Joyce and *I am unsure who the little boy is*

*Unsure on these* I wish I knew the year these were taken.
The boy in the overalls looks like Daddy but I am not 100% Sure!

Aunt Joyce and some kids

Uncle Arthur Ben Samples, Uncle Marvin Phillips, Grandpa Buddy Samples(I think),the other 5 Guys I am not sure about.

Unsure on these girls

Can't see the faces but I love the truck!

More to come!!!

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