Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Laura or Mary Ingalls and YAY for the Letter B

Emma had Old Fashioned Day on Friday and on Thursday evening we figured out that we could not find the apron that goes with her outfit. After about an hour of looking high & low she simply decided to be Mary Ingalls instead of Laura because Mary is too old for an apron!
Then on Friday morning she wanted her hair in pig-tails like Laura!
--Without the apron but with oh-so-cute pigtails, she was adorable and had a great day despite the yucky weather!

Square Dancing: On Tuesday Emma came home so excited because our last name was at the beginning of the alphabet! I said why are you excited about that? Well it seems they got to pick partners for Square Dancing and the girls are who got to pick. Since her name is Boling she was the 1st girl. She picked Matthew who she is sweet one(but don't tell her I said that!) and was so excited!

On Friday morning I got to see the Square Dancing and couldn't help but laugh because in the beginning her and Matthew wouldn't even hold hands. Once they got to dancing however it was all Smiles from both of them!!

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