Sunday, December 19, 2010

The beginning of a new Tradition?

Well it has happened.... hell has officially frozen over in our cabin. We went to town yesterday and came home with an A.R.T.I.F.I.C.I.A.L Christmas Tree and guess what?! I LOVE IT!!

Each year, the past 17 to be exact, we have went out, found the Perfect Tree, chopped it down, decorated and enjoyed it for a few weeks until I had to take it down before New Year's.  It is something we have always enjoyed doing together as a family - I love it, Craig loves it, and the Kids love it. We even have an axe that is only used for chopping down our tree each year -- that's how much we all love it.

Sadly, as previously mentioned, the one we cut down this year met it's untimely demise last week and so we decided to take a different path with only 7 days left until Christmas as we simply could not see chopping down another one. We looked at a few different places and found one at Wal-Mart that looked good -- and it was PRE-Lite -- that in itself was the seller for me(not to mention the good price!) I was so excited to get it home, set it up and decorated. I admit it turned out better than I ever expected and next week I am going to see if I can find a few more on sale.

2010 Christmas Tree  

I think it is a turning point for us and I know that I for one am So Happy, So Happy! No more allergic reactions while decorating, no more sweeping up needles each night, no more making sure there is plenty of water in the bucket while at the same time making sure the dog does not drink out of the bucket. Of course this one doesn't smell all piney and all but I have no problem getting those needles that small like trees to give it that woodsy smell(something to add to my ever-growing Mart list, more on that after Christmas).

Now that the tree is up and looking beautiful, I am ready for the crazy week I have ahead. Just knowing that each night I can come home and snuggle into the recliner beside the wood stove and enjoy the ambiance of the lights on our beautiful tree -- It's the little things that make me Smile.

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