Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's Official

I am the worst blogger ever!
It has been exactly 2 years since I updated this here blog - actually Christmas 2 years ago haha. I am not sure what got into me as I know over the past few years I have thought about it but I guess I simply bombed the blog circuit and now I am back to try again. :)

Let it be known that starting today Tuesday 12/10/2010 I will make more of an effort to blog weekly. In no way can I type daily without laughing so I figure it is best if I start out with weekly for now!

The Hubs and I have been discussing all the ways we want to revamp our cabin recently and I am looking forward to sharing all the ideas and projects we will be working on.

Shout-out to my pal Heather for getting me back in the Blogging mood! Be sure to stop by her place and watch as she settles into a new home and blogging life!

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  1. I LOVE that I got a tag in your post! We will now be accountability partners...DAVE style and blog style!


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