Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thriftique 12/20/10

My pal Heather from TwentySomething and myself have embarked on a new adventure that we are calling Thriftiquing! Yesterday was the initial voyage and ohhwee did we find some goodies. We both had a few certain items we were on the lookout for and Heather was much better at sticking to her game plan that I was. I found 1 thing on my list but came home with 2 more, however I am pretty sure everything she walked out with was on her list. Maybe I need lessons for the next outing!

Here is what I ended up coming home with: 

1. A unique chair. This beauty was $15! One of the workers at the store asked if it was priced correctly and I even had a lady ogling it while I was carting it around the store. I consider that a great find for sure!

 Consider this a sneak peek for a future post :)

2. Vintage Silver Glass Ornaments - still in the box - all 6 for $1.00 (On list but at an even better price than I had in mind!)

3. A 1970's Avocado Green Leather Footstool $8.00

A few things I saw that I am still thinking about:

1. Hanging Light Fixture - they had 4  but I only need 2 as I am thinking they would look great beside the bed. 

2. Empty Frames - all shaped and sizes. These babies are perfect in every room in the house! 

**Stay tuned for the next outing of Thriftique and to see what we do with our fabulous finds!

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  1. My dear, if I remember correctly, your vintage silver ornaments were 50 cents! Thanks for the tag and inspiration to do a post on my finds. This has to be a regular trip for us!


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