Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wound Up?

Do the Christmas Holidays sometimes get you all wound-up? When it's over do you feel as if you have been in a race for weeks on end? Don't get me wrong I totally love Christmas, it is my favorite holiday, but I sometimes feel like I need a week at the Spa when it is all over. Unfortunately that is simply not possible so I have made a list of my Top 5 ways to Unwind. These can be used all 365 days during the year when you feel the need to relax.

  1. Take a Bubble Bath: Draw a bubble bath and light some scented candles to enhance the relaxation mood. Make sure you lock the door so that there are not any unwanted interruptions for the duration of your bath.

2. Go Online: Take a few minutes to a play a game, read an inspiring story or find a new project. There’s nothing wrong with indulging in pure entertainment, so don’t limit yourself to tasks that are only for practical purposes (like paying bills). You’ll find balance in rewarding these more practical tasks with your favorite forms of entertainment. 

3. Read: Crack open a new book, read the paper or pick up your favorite magazines. No matter the medium, taking a break from your computer and day-to-day tasks can be the calm you need to tackle your cleaning routine or tonight’s dinner. 

4. Craft: Visit the craft section of your favorite store to find a new project, then take a few minutes each evening to relax while working on it—no rush required. You can even watch your favorite show, movie or spend time with family while relaxing. 

5. Write: Start a journal, write notes to friends or get creative with stories or poetry. Expressing yourself is always a reliable relaxation technique. To inspire your creativity, surround yourself with your favorite seasonal scents by lighting some candles(can you tell I love candles?)

What is something that you like to do to relax? I would love to hear what works for you!

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  1. Perfect timing with your post. Every night I have the ritual of setting my overhead light on the dim setting and getting cozy on the couch under a quilt...even if it is for a few minutes. They are mine.


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