Saturday, December 18, 2010

Something I only miss at Christmas....

I know this sounds crazy but one of the things I miss the most during Christmas is having a mantle to decorate.
At the old house we had this great big mantle and I loved decorating it during the year but at Christmas time, oh my goodness I was in heaven. I could put houses on it, lights, wreaths, nutcrackers, and more. Since we have moved into the cabin we have a glorious wood stove but sadly no mantle.

Today I am having mantle-envy in the worst way. It all started because I have been talking to my pal Heather over at  TwentySomething about some everyday decor for her mantle and while I was looking around for ideas I stumbled across so many beautifully stunning Christmas mantles that I am actually thinking of ways to put a mantle on our rock wall where the wood stove sits -- shhh don't tell the Lumberjack!!

So since I have been drooling looking at oh-so-pretty mantles for the past hour this morning I thought I should share a few of my faves I found.

Love this one from A Soft Place to Land - It is just screams FUN!

 This Au Natural mantle I found on Jonathan Klunk is to-die-for
and would look fabulous in our cabin(if we had a mantle that is)

 I am loving these Elfin looking stockings from HGTV Online.
 They have such a chic look to them.

Winter Wonderland is in fine form over at  Vintage Pretty. 
It makes me want to go play in the snow!!


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  2. Thank you so much for the tag! I've got to post some over my break! You must come and do my mantle. I think a huge mantle on the wall anywhere near the wood burning stove would be perfect and is a must! I love the all white one that says "Christmas". I am thinking I could do one with fewer letters to save money...maybe NOEL. Thanks for the ideas!

  3. Maybe a mantle can be a stand alone piece? Just a thought. It might be nice to create a focal point sans fireplace.


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