Thursday, December 23, 2010

Crafted with Love

Do you have some people on your gift list that you have a hard time shopping for? If so I have learned that most people love getting ornaments -- I mean who doesn't love adding extra decorations to their Christmas tree each year? I know I for one love love love ornaments and I LOVE making ornaments even more!

If you recall I stumbled across some fabulous silver glass ornaments last week while Thriftiquing and I could not decide what to do with them until I was looking for something totally unrelated in my scrapbooking stuff and found some lovely Christmas rub-ons that I knew would be perfect for the ornaments.

DIY Christmas Ornaments

1. Start with clean GLASS ornaments.
2. Pick out rub-ons in your color choice.
3. Gently(key word as I broke the first one!) apply rub-ons randomly on ornament.
4. Peel off paper and waalaa there you have it -- Simple yet Beautiful! 

1. Hope
2. Peace
3. Joy to the World
4. Word Montage

I enjoyed doing these ornaments and am now on the lookout for more to add to my own tree next year!
What are some things that you enjoy making for others and for yourself as well?

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  1. Reginia - I LOVE this idea! I haven't seen it anywhere out there in the blogworld either. I will have to make some of these next year. I love your thrifty style. Way to go! Thanks for sharing.


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