Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 Home Goals

So we have decided that 2011 will be a year filled with all sorts of changes around our home. I have slowly been putting together a Household To-Do list so when I saw Nester's 2011 Goals post I knew I couldn't resist sharing some of the things we want to do around the homestead in 2011.

This will be the 9th year we have called the cabin in the woods our home and it is time for some upgrades!
Here is what is on the list ...... so far anyway.

*Clean out and Organize the office - including going through all my scrapping/craft supplies and getting them in order.
*Redo our bathroom - new sink, new shelves over w/d, new doors on closet
*Remove tub and add a shower
*Complete overhaul on wall decor and arrangements in living room
*Add doors to closet in bedroom
*Makeover both kid rooms: new beds, new bedding, desks, accessories
*Sand/Paint/make new cushion to go on chair bought for Em
*Design new bed for master bedroom
*Redo kitchen cabinets
*New kitchen counter tops
*Look for recliner to go with existing one
*Repair leather sofa cushion or find new one
*Get new(old) screen door for the pantry
*Clean out the basement and finish it out.
*Design new kitchen table and seating(maybe benches)
*Locker unit with doors to go new the front door
*Build a roof over the porch
**and much much more.

There are numerous other things that we both want to tackle but this lists most of the major ones(I think)

One of the items on the list that I want to the most is the shower. Don't get me wrong I like our unique bath but I am so ready for a new shower!

Bath at the moment:

Craig wants to build a rock shower -- maybe something similar to this 
but with glass walls instead of a curtain.


One of the quick and easy ones on my list is to find a new pantry door.
This was the one we had before dog messed up the bottom part of the screen.

It was a newer door and I want to replace it with a vintage screen one. 

What are some ideas you have in mind to spruce up your home for 2011?
Don't forget to hop on over to Nester's and check out all the fabulous Goal Lists that others have shared. 

Disclaimer: Love you honey and no worries I will be helping with each of these!

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