Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Treasure Hunting: Chairs

What does one do when one is home-bound due to snow and ice? Well, I for one, mosey on over to Craigslist to see what kind of treasures I can dig up. Not that I would be going to get any of them today but the looking is almost as fun as the finding to me.

Today I was checking out chairs as I eventually would like a reading nook somewhere in the house. You know a space, besides the recliner or sofa, where I can curl up with a blanket, hot tea, and my kindle to have some quiet reading time.

I could so see this with new funky patterned upholstery.
A great deal for $15.00 - see here if not already snapped up!

Loving this one - fab fabric but I would redo the wood on it to a distressed black for a good contrast.
A little steep at $185.00 but it is listed by an antique store so I wouldn't expect anything less. If you found it from an individual you would great a better price for sure. See here

MY FAVE!! With some new fabric this baby would be good to go and
I do believe I would pay the $125(or close to it) due to the uniqueness of it. See here

I could so see in the stuck over in the corner with a lamp beside it.
I just love this retro piece. It's a steal at $35.00 too! See here

Even though I am not a canvas style kind of gal, this set from the 70's has me wanting to convert :)
It has the original canvas and date plaque so the $95.00 price is a fab find for sure! See here

Here are a few chairs for almost any taste. Have you seen something lately that just screamed BUY ME? 
If I was not stuck up here on the mountain I am pretty sure I would on the phone calling about one or two of these beauties.

Happy Snow Day!


  1. R - you would be missing out if you didn't snatch up that 1st chair! It is perfect. And for that price, you could dive into reupholstering with no fear!!! If you don't... I may have to! :)

  2. If I could get out I so would. Feel free to give them a call -- you could see if they will hold it for you till your on the way home from the cruise.. Barnesville is right off 75 a little above Macon! :)


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