Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Two Things

First: This makes me so happy to be living in the Mountains at Wintertime. 
A view like this is simply not available in the city.
Photo compliments of my awesome hubby who let me stay in the warm truck while he snapped this today.


Secondly: Welcome back my old friend. I have never been a sewing type of gal by any means - heck I can barely use a needle and thread, but I am looking forward to seeing what I can do now that I figured out my bobbin was in backwards this whole time. Hence the reason NOTHING would work! hahah - see so Not a seamstress, but who knows...maybe one day!

What is something that has made your day/week recently?

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  1. Hi, thats the exact same sewing machine that I have :) (if not it looks identicle) mine is a lovely teal shade. Take a look here and I'm sure you can get the manual for your machine...I know I could for mine....was very helpful.

    Have fun sewing up a storm with your oldy :)


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