Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Craigslist Discoveries #1

I will be the first to admit that while I spend a little time on Facebook each day I could spend 3x's that on Craiglist! I will be looking for something specific and all of a sudden will find myself checking out page after page of an item not even remotely related to what I was originally looking for.

That being said - I do from time to time happen upon some lovely pieces and if I am super-extra lucky I will find something that I can actually use. And then there are the times that I come across a piece that I totally freak out about!

 Take the table below for instance.

My friend Heather over at {twenty}something has been searching high and low for a round table for their dining nook for awhile now. During our shopping excursions we have come across a few but they were always too pricey or "just not right" so we kept on looking. The other evening while I was looking for a  washing machine on CL I clicked on the Free Section, as it always makes me laugh what some people put online to give to others, and I noticed a Free Dining Room Table - Round. I decided to see what this table looked like cause I was sure it would be another to add to my CL Laugh Files and much to my surprise it was a actual Round Pedestal Table -- Just what Heather had been looking for!! The plan was to find a table that can be refinished, so they were not wanting to spend a lot of money on it but this particular table was FREE ~~ Hello you simply can not beat FREE!

I immediately texted her and then I emailed the "seller" before I even heard back from Heather. Unfortunately, I was informed that someone was coming the next morning to pick-up the table so I left my contact information just in case. I then texted Heather back to give her the bad news and to tell her that it probably was for the best because I had no idea where the town was that the table was listed in. She replied saying that her parents lived right down the road from the town(ahh small towns) and to let her know if I heard back again.

Fast forward 4 days and I get an email from the CL seller asking if "I" was still interested as the pick-up fell through. WaaHoooo Yes I was and I asked for her contact number and all that fun stuff. She sent it 10 mins later and I once again texted all the info over to Heather. I was waiting anxiously  foreeevvver 30 mins before she replied that her Dad was on his way to pick it up(there is that Small Town awesomeness I love so much again)!

This is what Heather and her hubs Rusty have in mind for the table.

Talk about your successful Craiglist Discovery! Can't wait to see what other treasures I can find for us both.
Since I so love my CL finds I will be doing a weekly Discovery post to share with you guys too. Who knows you may just see the perfect piece for your kitchen or living room!

Disclaimer: The weekly posts will not be as wordy but I simply had to share the Craiglist Goodness!!

--Have you come across any deals or awesome Freebies for yourself or others that totally made your week? If so I would love to hear about them!

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  1. Holla! I can't wait to get the table and get some after pictures for you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!


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