Friday, January 21, 2011

Emma's Bake Shop

Yes you are reading that correctly ~~ Emma's Bake Shop. One day you will see that sign hanging outside of an awning fronted window from which the smells of cake and all things yummy waft from.
For as long as I can recall Emma has had a love for baking. Heaven knows that is a trait that she did Not inherit from me. My fabulous MIL is a kitchen queen and the one thing she has always done with the kids go over there is bake something with Emma, usually some to-die-for chocolate chip cookies :)  Em graduated from the Easy Bake Oven to the real thing when she was about 8 years old and I do mean graduated. She wouldn't even let me help out in the kitchen when she was baking except for taking the pans out of the oven for her :-/ ~smart gal our Em!

She will get a notion, usually at around 9 o'clock or so to bake something. She will proceed to look up a recipe on the internet until she finds one that she likes(or that we have all the ingredients for). She will then whip up some yummy goodies for the rest of us to try. When asked what she is going to do when she grows up it has been the same answer for years -- "I am going to Art School then Culinary School so I can be a Baker(the art school will help with the decorating part)". I like that answer much better than the answer one of my friends got when she asked her son the same question. He wants to be a Garbage Man(no offense to Garbage Men :)

I must admit that it comes in handy when I am craving something sweet late in the evening. "Ohhh Emmmmaaaa" :)

Here are a few pics from tonight's cookie craving.

Mr. Handyman and I are looking forward to all the sampling we get to as she prepares for her future- not to mention all the free goodies will we have access to. :) :)

Did you become what you aspired to as a child?
What is something your children want to be when they grown up?

Our son says he is going to be a video game developer -- well I am here to tell you, he gets enough "research" in each day that he should have lots of success in that field ;)

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