Thursday, January 20, 2011

Treasure Hunting : Iron/Metal

One of the things I kept seeing on my trip down to Mart this week was Iron and Metal items. Whether it be a table or a bed, a lamp or a fan, almost every showroom I visited had some type of iron/metal pieces. The sad thing is the majority* of then were cheap reproductions that once in retail stores cost more than an original piece would -- so sad. *My fave showroom - Go Home has fabulous pieces!! I spent over an hour in their new showroom just looking around!

As I was checking out somethings in the WW of Craigslist today I thought I would see what iron and metal items I were listed -- you know, "just to see". It simply amazes me what some stores will sell knock-offs for when a little looking can get you the Real Thing at a much better price(and sometimes with a cool story to boot!)
*Click on Photos for more information*

#1- Iron Fireplace Surrounds
$50.00 - Great Price!

$250.00 - Has more detail
It is rare to find an actual Iron Surround these days as most are wood, however if you look you can find great vintage ones to use.


#2 - Old Metal Beds
$25.00 Each - Awesome Price as I see these(real vintage) for $150+ normally.
Some online searching found the two knock-offs below - the prices are the average for a full size.


#3 - Old Hand Water Pumps
Both for $60 (Fair price especially if the left one is as big as it looks)
These I found online but they have NO character at all! ;)


#4 - Railroad Cart: 
$250 - Fair price if really original.
It is easy to find the hardware so sadly the shops that sell them are reproducing but selling as original :(


#5 (my Fave Find today) Security Door
$150 -- Fab Price!!
Hard to find an antique door but the new ones(that look old) are between $500 -$900

These are just a few examples of real vintage pieces you can find with just a little looking. Heck sometimes you can find pieces that are completely Free* which is the best kind of deal there is!

*like the table I found for H - it is being delivered Saturday so I can't wait to see if it will fit :)

What are some things that you have seen in the stores/catalogs that you know you can find real ones of?

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