Monday, January 10, 2011

Walking on Sunshine

As the song goes .."And don't it feel good". Well Sunshine would feel good to me right about now due to the fact that last night and this morning we received around 8 inches of snow - Hellooo we are in GEORGIA!! This was the 3rd time we have gotten snow in the last 3.5 weeks and needless to say being it gets pretty old seeing nothing but white and gray for days on end! 

Here's the view out our windows. 

Since Miss.E is under the weather I was saved from going out in the snow keeping her company by the wood stove and while I was looking around online I found myself being drawn to anything and everything that is Yellow. I guess it was my sub-conscience telling me I needed something bright and sunny to look at.

I couldn't agree more ---here's to Bright and Sunny :) 

Camera Bag from Jo Totes

Pillow from WickedMint

Polka Dot Rain(or SNOW) Boots from Target

Yellow Rose and Pearl Necklace from MD Sparks

I feel better already :)
What color makes you feel better when you are feeling gloomy?

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  1. Oh, R! You know I am loving the yellow. I NEED the boots (for safety reasons, so they are totally justifiable). The pillow is SO ME! Thanks for the post!


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