Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Magical Repair and my 1st Sewing Project

For the longest time Since I got my camera for Christmas  I have wanted a cute camera strap cover. I spent a few days shopping around online for one but heavens-to-betsy they can be pricey! Cute, you betcha, but pricey. So then I proceeded to research how to make my own(because I am after all the Queen of Google hahaha). I found a great Tutorial online at Cluck Cluck Sew that looked fairly easy to follow. In no way am I efficient with a sewing machine, heck I can barely use a needle and thread, but I thought just maybe I can do this.
First things first though - I needed to dig out my ancient sewing machine. 

I was able to get the thread set-up correctly, the needle was a good one, and so I was ready to go.....until I mashed down on the pedal and nothing moved. The needle wasn't going up and down at all. I mean I know I am not a seamstress but even I know that the needle is supposed to move up and down when you mash the pedal. So I looked around the machine and noticed that the belt that made the needle go up and down(I am sure there is a more technical term for this but it slips my mind at the moment.) was BROKEN! Yep broke, and just like that all my hopes and dreams of sewing something fabulous went straight down the tubes :(

I was actually sad that I could not sew right then as I had gotten excited about it. About the time I was packing everything away my own Mr.Handyman came walking through the house and said "I can fix that for you." and he DID -- with a rubber bracelet! You know the kind that have a saying on them that you see everywhere. I still need to order a belt but that good ole rubber bracelet worked just fine so that I could make my camera strap!

DIY Sewing Machine Repair :)


DIY Camera Strap Cover

Trust me when I say -If I can make this..anyone can!!
1. Stitched right sides together. Mine were a tad crooked as I can not draw a straight line much less sew one.
2 and 3. After about 3 more steps*see note - Turn ends over twice then stitch a few rows(again crooked). 
This will give the ends a nice clean look.
4. Tada ~~ End Result- I LOVE it!

There are a few things I need to work on, sewing straight is the 1st and then I think I will taper the ends of the next set for a snug-no slip fit. But I must say .. for my first attempt at this and really sewing something in general I am one happy gal at how it turned out :) I even told Mr. Handyman I was gonna make a manly cover too cause he likes to use my camera almost as much as I do.

Note: I have not mastered the art of taking a photo at every step of a How-to yet so that is why I say visit Cluck Cluck Sew for the Real Tutorial! 

Now I am on the lookout for what I can sew up next!
Do you have something that you have re-tried and loved lately?

Happy Sewing :)

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  1. From my Mr.handyman himself: Had I not watched EVERY episode of Macgyver many years ago I'm not sure I would have been able to fix it.


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